The unseen photography of 2022

The unseen photography of 2022

Happy 2023 !

When I look through my library, some pictures keep catching my eye — yet I never come around to share them. This made me wonder why.

I usually try to rationalize why a picture works. Is it because there is an interesting story ? Maybe the elements balance each other ? Could there be some hidden repetitions ?

I couldn’t explain these pictures. Despite this, there must be a reason why I keep coming back to them. A certain « je ne sais quoi » if you’ll excuse my French. In the past, some of my most appreciated pictures have been some that I dismissed initially, for that exact reason.

So here are the forgotten shots of 2022.


Japanese security guard next to a pole
yellow vespa in tokyo
Japanese woman crossing the street
airport staff in front of airplane on the tarmac, golden hour


long exposure shot
long exposure of fireworks
abstract shot of a building in tokyo, long exposure


building in tokyo with a crane
yellow taxi in tokyo
busy street scene at golden hour in tokyo
busy pedestrian crossing in tokyo
footbridge in shibuya
footbridge in Shinagawa
Miyashita park

The more you learn about photography — or any topic — the more you try ticking mental boxes. This can lead to prematurely dismissing intuition in favor of fitting into established frameworks.

In the early stages, there’s a certain liberation in not knowing what you’re doing. Embracing emotions can be more pleasant than cold-hearted rationalization.

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.
— Shunryu Suzuki

All the best for the year ahead,


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